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a 4-week online course to


There are lots of different reasons why you might want to do some erotic writing:

» Perhaps you have an idea for a story that involves a sexy scene but you’re just not sure how to go about writing it.


» Maybe you’ve got some questions or curiosities about your own sexuality, you’ve thought about writing it in your journal, maybe even made a start, but then you notice you feel embarrassed or shameful or just confused about what you want to say.


» Perhaps you have a fantasy that you want to write down. Either for your own exploration and enjoyment, and/or because you want to share it with someone else.


» Or maybe you just feel a nudge or a tingle when you think about writing something that’s outside of your usual comfort zone and you feel ready for the challenge!


Explore your erotic imagination with confidence and enjoyment!

In each session, I’ll share some ideas, information and writing prompts, there will be space for questions and discussions, and – importantly – some dedicated time for you to do some writing of your own.

We’ll be exploring topics such as:

» MOTIVATION: Why you want to write.

» INSPIRATION: Finding out what gets your juices flowing and discovering your personal muse.

» PERMISSION: Writing without self-censorship, shame, embarrassment, or judgement.

» CONFIDENCE: Finding the time to write, leaving self-doubt behind, and owning the title “erotic writer” (or other title of your choice!)


We’ll be using practices to help you tap into your erotic self and the words this part of you wants to write.

What to expect…

» There will be writing prompts – to help get your creative juices flowing!

» We’ll use practices – such as guided visualisations – to help you inhabit your erotic self and get into the writing zone.

» We’ll be talking about the practicalities of writing: making/finding the time to write; honouring your creative ebbs and flows; the language of erotica and how to tell a story that passes the “wet test”.

» And what you need to know if you are interested in sharing your writing or getting it published (if that’s your goal).

» Plus, there will be dedicated time in every session for you to do some actual writing.

By the end of the course, you'll feel more confident and empowered to write the kind of erotica you want to create.


Week One

  • Why write erotica? (Your personal motivation.)
  • Finding ideas and inspiration.

Week Two

  • Finding time to write.
  • Getting in the mood.

Week Three

  • What makes a story erotic?
  • Erotic language and sexy dialogue.

Week Four

  • Hot sex myths and what to do about them.
  • Things to consider if you want to share your writing.

Practical details:


WHERE: We’ll meet on Zoom.

WHEN: Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm (UK time)

on 4, 11, 18 and 25 June 2024.

Recordings will be available if you can’t make it live.

investment £97




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What previous participants say...

This was such a wonderful experience. I got so much more out of it than I thought!

The writing prompts helped me access some unexpected and delightful places and it felt like a wonderful safe container to share as well. Beautiful!


I highly recommend Writing Desire. It helped solidify my identity as an erotic writer and normalize it in my life, which led me to write more than ever.

There was lots of great food for thought throughout the sessions, and getting to experience a sense of community and talking face-to-face (over Zoom) with others about writing erotica was lovely, empowering, and freeing. The writing prompts were also a great way to break out of my normal routine and try different things.


I completely recommend joining Writing Desire.

Encouraging, informative and engaging. Anna got me thinking about my writing in a different way which has helped immensely. There was no pressure to perform, and it was solid encouragement to do things the way you wanted/needed to. I now think about how I’m going to write and what I’m writing about differently, which has taken the pressure off what I’m doing.


A great balance of teaching, sharing, and writing, and a beautifully open and unapologetic energy (given the subject matter we were discussing), infused with humour which I found really helped defuse any embarrassment.

Thank you for an inspiring few weeks Anna, I’ve come away feeling more confident in my ideas and my writing style, and am even thinking about options for sharing or even publishing some of my work!


Writing Desire was just the inspiration I needed to get writing again!

Anna is a delightful writing coach / mentor. With her enthusiasm and encouragement, not only did I find my muse again but at the end of our course I was proud to call myself an erotic writer!

So thank you, Anna, for helping me own “erotic writer” and for giving us great writing prompts, erotic writing skills, and having a genuine desire to share yourself with your students.

I highly recommend Writing Desire for writers of all levels … whether you’ve written erotica before or you are just curious. You’ll be happy you did. You will find your passions as well as your writing aroused in a delicious way!


Writing Desire is an exquisite environment to step into erotic writing.

A perfectly curated balance of … Space – to feel encouraged to find what wants to be expressed, right now.

Safety – Anna’s warm presence together with just the right amount of information, creative imagination and somatic practice + freedom to explore.

Permission – for me, writing takes me into a liminal space.

I am left with a feeling of setting off on a wild adventure. Highly recommended!


Hi, I’m Anna, your course leader.


My mission is to support you to enjoy and express your sexual self, in your own unique ways, and on your terms.

I’ve been writing erotica for over 25 years – for my own enjoyment, to share with my lovers, and for publication.

My short stories have been published in numerous anthologies (including Best Women’s Erotica Vol.10) and my erotic novel, Coming Close, was published over a decade ago. 

I also wrote the Sex/Life pages for DIVA Magazine for two years and write regularly to my Substack page (Desire Lines 2.0). 

I love using the written word to explore my fantasies and desires and I want to share that passion with you. I hope you’ll join me on Writing Desire.




Who is Writing Desire for?

You need to be age 18+ to join the group.

You don’t have to be “a writer” to join in but it is a writing group so a willingness to explore through the written word is helpful.

What will we be writing?

I’ll be sharing writing practices that will give you a chance to try out different writing styles e.g. short fiction, journaling, and poetry. If you are already working on a specific piece of writing (perhaps a story or a novel) you are welcome to work on that during the group writing time too.

Will I have to read my writing out loud?

No, you won’t be asked to read your writing out loud in the group or to share it any other way with the group. Your writing is for your eyes only – so you can truly write without self-censorship or self-judgement. 

I’ve experienced sexual trauma/assault in the past and I’m worried this course might trigger me. Will it be safe for me to join?

I’m sorry you’ve experienced trauma related to your sexuality in the past. This course does include references to sex, fantasy, and an awareness of your own personal stories. If you have concerns about being triggered, the group experience may not be right for you.

Can I ask you for feedback on my writing?

I offer writing support and services separately to the group course. So, if you are working on a specific piece of writing and would like formal feedback (e.g. on a story you are writing for publication), there will be an extra charge for that. 


I can’t attend live, will there be a replay?

Yes, I will share a recording of each session so you can catch up in your own time. 



Make your payment (£97).



Complete your registration form.



I’ll send you a Welcome email with a link to join our weekly Zoom calls.