turn yourself on


a 4-week online course to


♦ Do you feel like you’ve lost your spark?

♦ Is it getting harder and harder to ever feel turned on?

♦ Have you lost interest in sex and simply don’t want to “go there”?


♦ Do you want it to be different but don’t know where to begin?


If you’re not ready to say ‘goodbye’ to your sexual self forever, how about saying ‘hello’ instead?


I’ll help you feel turned on, lit up, and get your juices flowing again!

Each week we’ll explore and re-ignite your sexual spark using:

♥ Guided meditations … to re-discover and re-connect to the parts that have been hidden.

♥ Journal prompts … to get to know yourself better – the current you (not the you of the past) plus the version you want to be in the future.

♥ Embodied pleasure practices … to remind you that pleasure feels good and is always within your reach.

♥ Helpful information … to provide you with the sex education you didn’t get in school!

Plus, a friendly, supportive community of fellow adventurers and cheerleaders.

  • No partner or special equipment required.
  • No nudity or sexual acts in the online space.
  • No shame, embarrassment or comparison.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to find and press your buttons…
You can find and seduce yourself.

After our time together, you will…

» Feel relaxed, fulfilled and alive.

» Know what real sexual freedom is for you.

» Feel calm, confident and connected.

» Feel empowered to make choices that are a full-bodied yes!


Week One: Tune In

  • Meet your sexual self.
  • Find your glimmers.

Week Two: Take Charge

  • Wake up your sexual energy.
  • Give words to your wants.

Week Three: Turn On

  • Press ‘play’ on your pleasure.
  • Respond and receive.

Week Four: Turn It Up

  • Do it (for) yourself.
  • Keeping it juicy.

Practical details:


We’ll meet on Zoom.



Thursday mornings from 10:30-11:30am (UK time)

on 6, 13, 20 and 27 June 2024.

Recordings will be available if you can’t make it live.



Each session will include a guided meditation, journal prompts, and takeaway embodied pleasure practices for you to do in your own time and private space.

Plus, I’ll be sharing some helpful information – the kind of sex education you didn’t get in school!

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Yes! You can…

have more joy, excitement, and passion in your life.

get your juices flowing again.

re-awaken and re-ignite this part of you.

Hi, I’m Anna, your course leader.


My mission is to support you to enjoy and express your sexual self, in your own unique ways, and on your terms.

I know that how / when / and with whom you want to be sexual is very individual to you.

I also know that there can be times in your life when your sexual self can feel like a distant friend – you used to play together but now you’ve grown apart.

I want you to get to know this part of you again – intimately.

I want you to feel vital and alive.

I want you to feel pleasure.

And I want you to have tools and techniques that you can use whenever you need and want to help this part of you thrive (and keep on thriving).

About me


I’m a multi-published erotic author and writing teacher, a former sexual surrogate partner and Sex/Life column writer for DIVA Magazine, and I lead courses and workshops all about pleasure!

I’ve had times in my life when I’ve found it hard to connect with my sexual self – times of stress, illness, and bereavement, and recently, as I go through perimenopause.

Thankfully, I also have tools (and a strong commitment) to keep my “desire for desire” current.

I’m excited to share many of these tools with you in this four-week adventure to Turn Yourself On.



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I’ll send you a Welcome email with a link to join our weekly Zoom calls.


Turn Yourself ON

Light Yourself UP

And Get Your Juices FLOWING!


Is this course just for women?

This course is for all women (cis and trans). If you are a different gender and interested in joining us, please get in touch.

Is there any nudity or sexual acts involved?

I will be talking about sex (including masturbation), and there will be invitations for you to explore your own body (clothed or naked) in private, but there won’t be any nudity or sexual acts on the group calls. 

I’m not used to meditation, will I be able to do it?

I offer guided meditations. This means that all you have to do is listen and follow the direction of my voice. Everyone will have their own journey, so you can’t get it wrong and you don’t need to compare your experience to anyone else’s.

I can’t make the group calls live, will there be replays?

Yes, I’ll record the calls and you can access these at a time that suits you.

Will I have to share anything personal on the group calls?

In a group experience like this, we can learn from listening to others and from listening to ourselves. There will be invitations to share your experiences of the meditations and any insights you got from using the journal prompts, however, you will always get to choose if you want to share or not, and there’s never any pressure or expectation that you will.

I’ve experienced sexual trauma/assault in the past and I’m worried this course might trigger me. Will it be safe for me to join?

I’m sorry you’ve experienced trauma related to your sexuality in the past. This course does include references to sex, fantasy, and an awareness of your own personal stories. If you have concerns about being triggered, the group experience may not be right for you.


Is this coaching or therapy?

Turn Yourself On is offered as an experience for you to join in with but it is not coaching or therapy.




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I’ll send you a Welcome email with a link to join our weekly Zoom calls.