I was thrilled to talk with Lara Waldman – The Abundance Activator – for another of my Intimate Conversations!

I love the way that Lara brings together her 25 years of experience in self-development, transformation, and healing work, to offer a new approach to consciously creating our lives. And I also love that she doesn’t shy away from topics like intimacy, shame, and pleasure.

Her life’s mission is to find a path from pain, suffering, anger and fear towards a life of abundance, freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

(Which is pretty much what walking our desire lines is all about…)

Please join us as we talk about the role of Pleasure in consciously creating a life of abundance!

In this deep-diving conversation, we talk about:

* How giving yourself permission for pleasure is a radical act.

* How pain and shame can be portals to pleasure and creating an abundant life.

* Why other manifesting techniques might not be working for you.

* Connecting with your body as a temple of wisdom.

* And opening up to welcome in pleasure.

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