You + Me + the Sea

We will need to find an isolated beach. I want absolute privacy and seclusion with you – I’ll share you with the elements, but that is all.

I’ll make a shelter for us for when we want to rest, and I’ll lay a blanket to keep the sand away from our most tender places. But, other than that, I want us to be completely exposed.

I want us to be naked. Totally. Sunglasses and sunscreen if we need them – I care about protection – but otherwise just you and me and the sand and the sea.

I want to caress you: head to toe. In water. On land. The slight breeze stirring the hairs on your skin in preparation for my fingertips – stirring you deeper.

I want to see you. All of you. Open to my gaze, to my admiration, to the pangs of lust that make my cunt clench and my mouth wet simply from looking at you.

I want us to be free. Free to make all the sounds our bodies have been longing to unleash. I want to scream as the waves – literal, not metaphorical – crash on the shore. I want to be able to call out my love for you, naming you as God.

I want the shifting sun and the changing tide to be our only markers of time passing. I have waited so long for this – I know I will savour every moment.

I want to revel in your pleasure when you wade into the water and launch. Your body and your mood made buoyant by the ocean.

I want to taste the salt: the sea, your sweat, perhaps even my tears – after all, relief brings its own emotions.

Finally, finally, finally – just you and me and the sea.

photo by Linus Nyland on Unsplash

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I want to be Elemental

I wrote this in response to my journey to meet my sexual self.

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I want to be naked in the elements.

I want to feel my breasts floating free in the sea. The salty water ruffling my pubic hair. My feet and toes tickled by seaweed strands.

I want to feel the rain running rivulets all down my body. Drenching my hair, dripping off my eyelashes. Unhindered streams flowing over my contours.

I want to roll on the earth and be patterned with leaves and dirt. I want the graze of grit as I stretch out along the ground. I want to take on the colours of a forest floor.

I want the fierce gales to push my body this way and that. I want to feel buffeted and at the mercy of the wind’s whims.

I want to feel the heat from a fire. Getting so close I begin to glow. Drinking it in. Reddening me. Seducing me.

I am made of the elements – they make me what I am. I want to go back to those places.

Be elemental.

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