Storytime: Lilith and the Daemon

It was a surprisingly short distance to the edge of paradise. What had been Lilith’s whole world, a never-ending garden of earthly delights, was now revealed to be only a small speck on an otherwise vast planet. She had imagined only wastelands beyond the edge of the garden: bleak areas where nothing would grow and nothing could live. Even with this vision in her mind, she strode on, knowing that she could not grow if she stayed with Adam in their garden any longer.

In fact, the shift from Eden to out-of-Eden began subtly. As Lilith walked, she observed the grass change colour: still green, but different shades. Then she noticed the sky change too: from the endless blue of the garden she now experienced awe as darker patches dotted the sky, and the light began to shift and shadow with clouds. Birds circled above her head, unfamiliar ones that were bigger, called louder, and wheeled closer than any she had seen before. She kept walking and, when she glanced over her shoulder, she could just about make out the border of her native land: way in the distance now, still beautiful but no longer home. She walked steadily onwards – no more looking back, she promised herself.

As the sun dipped lower and lower towards the horizon, Lilith began to look for somewhere to sleep. She had reached a place where the land gave way to an infinite ocean and, in amongst the steep, sea cliffs, she saw the opening of a cave. She scrambled up the rocks and peered inside. The cave was dry and vast. Lit torches decorated the walls, almost as if someone had been expecting her. Lilith walked inside fearlessly. “Hello,” she called out, her voice echoing slightly in the chamber. A dark figure stepped out from the shadowy rear of the cave: taller than Adam, broad and muscular across the shoulders, a pair of heavy wings trailing behind on the dusty floor as it approached her. Lilith noticed that the creature’s feet had clawed toes and, as it stepped closer to the light from the torches, Lilith could see sharp teeth and glowing amber eyes. The creature bowed low in front of her before speaking, “I have watched your travels and I want you to know that you are welcome and safe here. I am a daemon, but please understand that nothing will happen to you here without your consent. I can feel your pain and your hurt. And I can feel your anger. I can also feel your desire. All emotions are welcome here. All that you are is welcome here.”

“Thank you”, Lilith replied, “after all I’ve been through, I do appreciate that, truly. I need to rest: can I sleep here tonight? And may I talk with you awhile: I’ve never met a daemon before; I’ve only ever talked with Adam and God.” Lilith smiled as the daemon gestured for her to sit on a bed made of straw and soft fabrics. “Are you a man or a woman?” she asked.

Now it was the daemon’s turn to smile. “I am neither and both. You can see I have this,” the daemon gestured to his groin, “I guess you would call this a penis and label me a man. But I have other parts to me too, ones that are more similar to yours,” with this the daemon looked appreciatively at Lilith’s naked body and Lilith watched as his appendage swelled and twitched a little. “We daemons can shapeshift depending on the energy we are feeling and how our partners are feeling too. You have only ever seen Adam’s body, so you were expecting something masculine. I sensed that as you approached and so took on a form I knew you would easily recognise.”

“Except for your wings,” Lilith interrupted, “I didn’t know that daemons had wings. I thought only birds and angels had them.”

“Has a bird or an angel ever wrapped you in their wings?” the daemon asked.

Lilith was surprised by his question. “No, never.”

“Would you like to know how it feels?”

Lilith looked deep into the daemon’s bright eyes, then at the light dancing off the sheen of his iridescent feathers. “I would like to know how it feels,” she admitted.

The daemon sat on the bed beside her and took hold of one her hands. She felt the warmth of his touch and leaned her body towards him. Arms embraced her gently yet firmly and she let out a deep sigh. She experienced an immediate wash of sensual pleasure as his feathers stroked lightly at her skin, enveloping her in a cocoon of silken kisses. The contrast between the strong solidity of the daemon’s arms, and being enfolded in a cloak of such exquisite softness, both aroused and soothed Lilith. She closed her eyes and sank into the sensations. “Can we lie down?” she asked. The daemon gently eased her back onto the bed and they lay, side by side, in this embrace. “Will you stay with me while I sleep?”

“Of course, if that is what you would like.”

“Yes, please, just like this.” Lilith felt herself relax even further and begin to drift into slumber.

When she awoke, Lilith was still wrapped in the daemon’s arms and their bodies were pressed close together. She felt the daemon’s cock firm against her thigh and her own heat emanating from her loins. Her body sang with the variety of new feelings the daemon offered her: a body both solid and otherworldly; caresses from hot skin and cool feathers; unknown potentials waiting to be explored.

“Would you like to make love with me?” the daemon asked lustfully.

Without hesitation, Lilith told him, “Yes, I would, very much.”

The daemon’s cock became even firmer and Lilith shifted a little to bring it nearer to her entrance. The daemon drew back a little, “Tell me what you like.” Lilith had never been asked this before. Of course, she’d offered suggestions to Adam, but they had been mostly one-word requests: faster, softer, there, oh, yes, there! “Don’t be shy. Just start with what you’d most like, right now. Feel into your body and speak the words to me.”

Lilith knew exactly what she wanted in that moment. She wanted soft kisses that built in passion. She wanted fingers stroking the sensitive place where her thighs met. She wanted her slickness drawn out of her, her aching need met with fervour, and her emptiness filled. She told the daemon all of these things in a breathless whisper, her body beginning to pulse and rock of its own accord. Each confession was received with an appreciative moan. When Lilith finished speaking they were both entranced: the heat from their bodies like a fire lit between them, their lips wet and eyes sparkling. The daemon’s mouth sought out Lilith’s and they had their first taste of each other. Of all the delicious fruits that Lilith had sampled in her paradise home, none tasted as heavenly as her new lover’s lips and tongue. She drank it in, savouring the sweetness, and swallowing their combined flavour into her being.

Hands met with skin in exploratory caresses, taking in contours and textures, sensitive areas and those that begged for a firmer touch. As the heat built further their bodies slid over one another, each responding with delight to the playground their new lover offered up.

The daemon gently stroked one finger between Lilith’s thighs and groaned with desire when his finger made contact with her erect clit and juice-soaked lips. Another finger joined the first and danced over and around Lilith, following the trail of her gasps and cries to locate her sweetest spots and most urgent wishes. As Lilith’s breaths quickened, the daemon unfolded his wings and danced the tips of his feathers over her back and arse. “Please go inside me,” Lilith urged. With a dextrous move, the daemon shifted his hips to slide into Lilith whilst still stroking and circling her clit. Lilith called out freely now, her sounds of pleasure rising in pitch and volume and echoing around the cave. They moved together, both suspended in the place of wanting to come but not wanting it to end. They rode the wave of bliss until neither could contain it any longer. Their orgasms tore out of their bodies and throats with such force they were both left panting and glassy-eyed.

After a moment, once she had got her breath back, Lilith began to giggle. Her giggles became deep belly laughs and the daemon joined in with her merriment. They rolled back onto the bed together and lay for a while. “You mentioned shapeshifting,” Lilith ran her fingers over the daemon’s chest. “I think I’d like to find out more about that.”

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