These PleasurePractices are a record of my explorations with medibation — masturbation as meditation. Exploring self-touch and self-pleasure from new angles.

Not so much a ‘how-to’ but more a series of ‘what-ifs’. I share these openly along with an invitation for you to explore your own what-ifs:

What might you like to give to yourself, and to receive? What might you try that you’ve never tried before? What pleasure might you create? And what else might you discover?

One of my long-held fantasies centres on having a private, outdoor space where I can be naked and commune with the elements.

I want to stand in a rainstorm and feel the water drenching my hair and skin, running down my back, and wetting my lips. I want to press my torso against the rugged bark of a broad tree, my arms wrapped around it in an embrace. I want to feel my body as the part of nature it truly is, no clothes coming between us, just the air and the breeze to let me know where I stop and she starts.

My pleasure practice today was all about giving myself that gift.

It wasn’t the perfect and ideal vision I have been holding but it was what my body was calling for.

I walked into the garden barefoot and in a robe. The cool air caressed my skin as I undressed completely and just stood for a moment, feeling the ground – warmer than I expected – underneath my soles. I lay down and let the overgrown grass enfold me, feeling the Earth’s heartbeat gradually slowing my own.

When I’d had my fill, I went back indoors to continue this exploration of pleasure, lying on the carpet in a patch of sunlight, my body alive and awakened and ready for my touch.

My name is Anna Sansom and I’m endlessly curious about how we each explore and enjoy our unique sexual selves. I write about my own experiences and I write erotic fiction, all with the aim of giving us language and ideas so we can make our own journeys – walk our own desire lines – to our fullest, truest selves.

This blog is like looking in my open window.

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I’ll put on the kettle and make us a cuppa to enjoy while we chat (and I’ll send you a free book for afterwards too).