These PleasurePractices are a record of my explorations with medibation -- masturbation as meditation. Exploring self-touch and self-pleasure from new angles.

Not so much a 'how-to' but more a series of 'what-ifs'. I share these openly along with an invitation for you to explore your own what-ifs:

What might you like to give to yourself, and to receive? What might you try that you've never tried before? What pleasure might you create? And what else might you discover?

Have you ever had a lover reach for you and touch you with such passion it takes your breath away? Do you know that feeling just before their hands make contact with your skin and you can almost feel your body leaping to meet their embrace, to close the gap between the two of you, so you can be fully connected with them?

It’s an incredible feeling. Lust and desire and passion all rolled into one.

Now, how would it feel to touch yourself in the same way?

That’s the question I had for my latest Pleasure Practice exploration:

How would it be to touch myself with passion and want?

Touching my whole body with hungering hands. Not just my genitals and breasts but my thighs, my stomach, my neck, my hair, my lips…

Melding my want with my attention. The surprised delight of a feather-light caress flowing over sensitive skin, anticipated desire for what I know will follow…  

Grabbing handfuls of me and delighting in the textures and sensations. My hands registering the fullness of my flesh; my body surrendering to the touch…

Moving and making sounds in response. Not for anyone else to see or hear, just for me and myself as lover

Stoking the fire and building the heat until I roar and come and am spent.

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