If you are someone who likes to ponder the Big Questions when it comes to intimacy, this conversation is for you! And if you are a writer, I think you’ll find the second half of our conversation particularly fascinating…

Rev Rowan Bombadil is a pyschosexual coach, interfaith minister, queer sex witch, and author of “Igniting Intimacy: Sex Magic Rituals for Living and Loving”. Their work inspires a more radical, creative, and intersectional vision of conscious intimacy.

Rowan and I met several years ago at an Urban Tantra event. I was instantly drawn to their willingness to explore the depths and the heights of intimacy with compassion, humour, and endearing honesty. I love being given glimpses of the world through Rowan’s eyes – both the outer world we inhabit now, and the possibility of what our inner and outer worlds could become.

Listen in as we talk about:

* What intimacy actually is.

* Experiencing life through a relational lens.

* What “Making Love with God” means.

* How the books we need seem to magically find us at the right time.

* What it’s like to be an author and to be in relationship with your own book.

* The subject of Rowan’s new book and how it feels like an intrepid and audacious undertaking.

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