Down by the River

Erotic short story on Sugarbutch

Content: Surprise BDSM, flogging, singletail, daddy/girl, butch/femme, outdoor sex, fisting, biting.

The Golden Hour

Erotic short story on Sugarbutch

Content: daddy/girl, age play, spanking, fingering, good girl. All characters are consenting adults.


How to Write Erotica

A recording of a one-hour live workshop.

Erotic Writing Guidebook

An introduction to writing for yourself, a lover, or an audience.


Meet Your Sexual Self

23 minutes

Connect to Your Sexual Energy

17 minutes


50 Shades of Gender

Talking about the energetic space between people, being responsive vs being reactive, how boxes can be constricting as well as expansive, playing with gender and sexuality, reclaiming the word ‘dyke’, self-healing through sexual experiences, liberating ourselves and writing our own story, pursuing desire, and why it’s more than okay to want more out of life.

DIVA Magazine Relationship Room

Talking about desire, love, and lust with Relationship Coach, Ali Hendry.

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