Free Erotic Writing Guidebook

Whether you want to write a story

for your eyes only,

as a gift for your lover,

or to share with a wider audience,

the Erotic Writing Guidebook is here to help!


Which one are you?

You’re intrigued about what goes on in your imagination when you are in sexual situations. You have a bank of fantasies that you use when masturbating or having sex. You are keen to write yourself a new fantasy. Or you have a favourite one that you would love to capture somehow.

There is a sexual scenario you are keen to explore but it feels taboo or off-limits. It is way out of your comfort zone but it feels important to you. You want to write it down to give it some attention, so you can explore it, and enjoy it safely. You want to bring your private fantasy to life in story form.

Or maybe…

“Tell me what you want,” your lover whispers in your ear. Your mind goes blank. Or races with ideas and suggestions but you can’t bring yourself to say them.

You want to seduce your lover with your writing.

Tell them a story about what you want to do with them.

Respond to a suggestion they’ve made, or a fantasy they’ve shared.

Tell a story so wildly hot and erotic that it has the two of you desperate to get to each other’s bodies to satisfy the yearning you’ve created.

Or perhaps…

You can’t think of anything hotter than writing a story and making it public, there for strangers to enjoy.

The Erotic Writing Guidebook will make it easy for you to:

** use erotic language in a way that feels good for you **

** bring your characters (and their desires) to life **

** write the story you most want to read **

** turn you (and your reader/s) on **

** decide how, when, and with whom you want to share your erotic story **

The Erotic Writing Guidebook comes to you as a downloadable PDF, packed with helpful writing tips and juicy examples from my published erotica.