Desire Lines – The Book

Are you ready to go on a journey with desire?

Desire Lines is for any woman who wants to know more about who she is as a sexual being, and who longs to express this part of herself on her own terms.

She does not want to simply reflect back the image of sexuality she has been shown by society.

She is ready to find out her own sexual truths and to step into these – seeking out and following her own, unique desire lines. 

Read Desire Lines to discover:

  • What a desire line is.
  • How your desire lines can help you feel expansive and whole.
  • What it’s like to follow your desires, especially if they are subversive, non-conventional, or simply contrary to what others may expect of you.
  • What obstacles – and what opportunities – you might find on the paths of your desires.
  • What you need and want to be your fullest and truest sexual self.

I share stories of my own sexual journey, along with evocative erotica, and reflective questions, to help you explore and create a map of your own desires.

If you have ever wanted to know more about who you are as a sexual being, the paths you have already walked, and the journeys yet to be taken, then this book is for you.

“Anna is willing to go to her edges when writing and courageously brings through themes and ideas that perhaps other writers would shy away from. She gives voice to those who may have been reluctant to share their own stories, and challenges the reader of Desire Lines to explore their own desires and get to know their sexual self.”

Nicola Humber, mentor to Unbound women, and author of UNBOUND,

NOTE: Desire Lines contains graphic language and descriptions of sex and sexuality, including kink and BDSM, gender and body non-conformity, lust and love.

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“Desire Lines takes us deep into the world of desire and erotic possibility. Anna generously shares her rich life experiences and introduces us to aspects of conscious sexuality, kink and ethical non-monogamy. Powerful, honest and real, Anna captures varied expressions of desire with beautiful poetic language, weaving autobiography with myth, storytelling, poetry and poignant questions to the audience, giving us permission to explore our own desires just as bravely. Desire Lines is engaging and tender and an absolute pleasure to read!”

Eva Weaver Author, Sex-& Intimacy Coach,

What led me to write Desire Lines?

I have been a sexual surrogate partner, a Sex/Life column editor, and I am a published erotic author. Frustrated by the limited and restrictive portrayals of women’s sexuality in the mainstream media, I knew it was vital to offer an alternative perspective. Desire Lines provides a unique and insightful way of looking at sexuality by exploring the themes of our desires, rather than focusing on specific fantasies. These themes (our personal desire lines) help to reveal who we are, what we need, and what we want, to thrive as sexual beings.

This book has been a co-creation with Lilith.

The astrologer, Lee Coleman, ( told me: “Lilith follows the wild rhythms of her body. She is changeable, dynamic, free. She is an emanation: radiating who she truly is rather than reflecting the person she is expected to be.”

This was my re-introduction to Lilith since I first learned about her over twenty years ago.

Since then, Lilith has whispered in my ear throughout the writing of Desire Lines, challenging me to be courageous in my vulnerability, compelling me to be raw in my authenticity, and reminding me again and again that our stories are our power.

Desire Lines is the result of my co-creation with Lilith: the untamed, intuitive and free aspect of every woman.

“Desire Lines is a book I wish I’d had years ago. It’s a brave, tender and honest exploration of what it means to be human, to have a range of feelings, curiosities and of course desires. It’s for anyone who has ever felt they don’t fit into what society has deemed acceptable in terms of what it’s okay to want. It’s a book that gives you permission to feel more deeply and vulnerably, and connect with and honour your true self and your desires.”
Tara Jackson, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach,

“Desire Lines is a profound exploration of sexuality, desire, and pleasure. Anna combines autobiographical accounts, storytelling, and poetry in order to express what desire lines are, and what it feels like to follow them. Her life experience is broad and the way she shares herself is compelling, thought provoking, and above all, liberating. The world needs more writers like her, who give voice to multi-layered, diverse experiences of desire, in particular when it comes to expressing female sexuality in a non-misogynistic, empowering way. This is a courageous and fascinating book, which I fully recommend to others.”

Brida Seaver,

“An articulate, explicit and creative exploration of desire from lived experience. Anna melds vulnerability and poise as she invites each reader to consider and witness their own needs and wants. It’s an invitation to be curious and compassionate — an explorer of the self — releasing guilt or shame as part of the journey towards an understanding and liberation of our deeper being.”
Sara M.

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