“Intimacy is everywhere” an Intimate Conversation with Rev Rowan Bombadil

If you are someone who likes to ponder the Big Questions when it comes to intimacy, this conversation is for you! And if you are a writer, I think you’ll find the second half of our conversation particularly fascinating…

Rev Rowan Bombadil is a pyschosexual coach, interfaith minister, queer sex witch, and author of “Igniting Intimacy: Sex Magic Rituals for Living and Loving”. Their work inspires a more radical, creative, and intersectional vision of conscious intimacy.

Rowan and I met several years ago at an Urban Tantra event. I was instantly drawn to their willingness to explore the depths and the heights of intimacy with compassion, humour, and endearing honesty. I love being given glimpses of the world through Rowan’s eyes – both the outer world we inhabit now, and the possibility of what our inner and outer worlds could become.

Listen in as we talk about:

* What intimacy actually is.

* Experiencing life through a relational lens.

* What “Making Love with God” means.

* How the books we need seem to magically find us at the right time.

* What it’s like to be an author and to be in relationship with your own book.

* The subject of Rowan’s new book and how it feels like an intrepid and audacious undertaking.

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“We haven’t got out of bed all weekend…”

Sam Evans is a former nurse and co-founded the online sex toy company, Jo Divine, with her husband Paul, in 2007.

I invited Sam to join me in an Intimate Conversation because I love her passion and enthusiasm, and her inclusive approach, to helping people enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

As Sam says, “You don’t have to give up on your sex life if there’s a problem or you want to make it better – whatever your age.”

Listen in as we talk about:

* Sam’s personal experiences that led her to setting up Jo Divine and championing only skin safe products and irritant free lubricants.

* Why sex can be the first thing to go in illness and disability and other times in life that halt your sex life (such as childbirth, menopause), and the need for good resources and open conversations about sex and illness, disability, ageing, bereavement, and more.

* The importance of adult sex education, knowing what works for you, what you find desirable, and what helps you become aroused and enjoy sex (whether partnered or solo).

* How to choose (and enjoy using) a sex toy and the special 10% off discount code for viewers of this video.

* The joy of hearing a customer celebrating with the words “we haven’t got out of bed all weekend!”

As Sam says: “Sex is meant to be noisy, messy, embarrassing, consensual, pleasurable, and – most of all – fun!”

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As the sexual health and pleasure expert at Jo Divine, Sam writes practical articles about enjoying sexual intimacy and pleasure for their blog and the media, gives talks to healthcare professionals and at events, and has featured on radio and TV, most recently on Channel 4 Sex, Myths and the Menopause with Davina McCall. In addition to giving advice about choosing and using skin safe sex toys and irritant free lubricants, she also helps those who experience sexual health issues including vaginal dryness and atrophy, painful sex, vaginal tightness, recurrent bladder issues, post op scarring, post hysterectomy, post childbirth, post cancer treatment, decreased sexual sensation, erectile issues and low libido.

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“I needed to hear those stories”

Join storyteller Marie Louise Cochrane of Red Velvet Revelry and me as we talk about the importance of hearing women’s happy stories about sex and sexuality.

And find out how you can get involved in a radical new project…

Marie Louise is a professional storyteller who is passionate about writing, collecting and sharing real life stories from women, as a way of celebrating the sexual aspects of life.

Listen in as we talk about:

* How midlife and other times of change can be the perfect opportunity to revisit your beliefs about sexuality.

* What happened when Marie Louise needed to hear women’s happy stories about sex and sexuality – but couldn’t find any.

* Why all women’s stories have value – those that are similar to our own and those that are wildly different.

* What Marie Louise’s 82-year-old mother said when she heard her daughter was going to be talking on stage to an audience about sex.

* What is ‘Red Velvet Revelry’ and how you can join in.

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Read my happy sex story…coming soon!

The radical act of pleasure

I was thrilled to talk with Lara Waldman – The Abundance Activator – for another of my Intimate Conversations!

I love the way that Lara brings together her 25 years of experience in self-development, transformation, and healing work, to offer a new approach to consciously creating our lives. And I also love that she doesn’t shy away from topics like intimacy, shame, and pleasure.

Her life’s mission is to find a path from pain, suffering, anger and fear towards a life of abundance, freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

(Which is pretty much what walking our desire lines is all about…)

Please join us as we talk about the role of Pleasure in consciously creating a life of abundance!

In this deep-diving conversation, we talk about:

* How giving yourself permission for pleasure is a radical act.

* How pain and shame can be portals to pleasure and creating an abundant life.

* Why other manifesting techniques might not be working for you.

* Connecting with your body as a temple of wisdom.

* And opening up to welcome in pleasure.

You can connect with Lara on her website or on Instagram or Facebook

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Looking after your wellbeing: is your sexuality the missing link?

It gives me great pleasure to share the Intimate Conversation that I had with Jennie Verleg!

Jennie runs Hand-on Mindfulness workshops and describes her work as “art meets neuroscience.”

We discovered we have a mutual interest in the role of sexuality in wellbeing. And we were both super excited to have a chat about how sensuality, self-pleasuring and sexual experiences can help us look after our emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

[note: Jennie’s microphone was a bit quiet at the start of the video but you can hear her loud and clear once we get to 3 minutes]

Watch the video to hear more about:

  • Jennie’s journey from being paralysed in bed with Guillain-Barré syndrome to using art and mindfulness as a way to regain her wellbeing.
  • Why we’re both passionate about exploring sensuality and sexuality as a path to wellbeing.
  • Why we should normalise self-pleasure and make it an equally valid choice as attending an art class or taking a moment to meditate on the loo!
  • The science of pleasure and wellbeing – why it’s good for us and why it matters.
  • Why we are both on a mission to create more opportunities to explore sensuality and sexuality as a missing link in the wellbeing field.

You can find Jennie Verleg on LinkedIn here.

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The kink, the woo, and the capsule wardrobe – an Intimate Conversation with Rebecca

I am absolutely thrilled to share my latest Intimate Conversation with you!

Rebecca is a friend I met through attending conscious sexuality events. Once identifying as bisexual, bicultural, and bilingual, she now calls herself a location-independent, lesbian, linguist.

In this intimate conversation, she generously shares some of her journey with desire and offers practical, real-life advice for anyone curious about exploring theirs.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • what intimacy is
  • playing with evolving and changing desire
  • kink and conscious sexuality: how to find places and people to play with (and what to do when you get there)
  • how to integrate sex and spirituality
  • feeling vulnerable
  • the sweet spot where being open and being discerning meet
  • and more!

Find Rebecca on social media: @SkorpionUK

Looking for more? Here’s an Intimate Conversation I had with Sue Sutherland of the Feel Institute.

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What is intimacy? (and other good questions!)

One of my long-held ambitions has been to create a space where we can have open, heartfelt, and honest conversations about desire, intimacy, and how we each experience and express our unique sexual selves.

I wanted to make space for curiosity-piquing questions and deliciously deep-diving answers.

And I wanted to talk with people who could help me to broaden my perspectives and deepen my understanding.

I am thrilled to share the first in this series of videos on intimacy and desire with you!

My first guest is sex educator, bodyworker, and guide, Sue Sutherland of The Feel Institute.

We talk about:

  • What is intimacy?
  • How do I stay in connection with you without losing myself?
  • The delicious delight of sharing what’s special to each of us.
  • Permission to feel what we’re feeling.
  • The importance of asking yourself ‘what are you hungry for’?
  • Paying attention to your body to help locate your desires.
  • Speaking the unspeakable.
  • Expressing your desires and finding ways to bring what’s on your inside, out.

Find out more about Sue and The Feel Institute here.