Desire Lines

  • How your desires can help you feel expansive and whole.
  • What it’s like to follow your desires, especially if they are subversive, non-conventional, or simply contrary to what others may expect of you.
  • What obstacles – and what opportunities – you might find on the paths of your desires.
  • What you need and want to be your fullest and truest sexual self.

Personal stories, evocative erotica, and reflective questions, to help you explore and create a map of your own desires. 

Coming Close

Rebecca has always been a ‘nice girl’ and played by the rules. But being dumped by her girlfriend throws her into a phase of seeking one-night stands and she doesn’t care that she’s earning herself a reputation. A rough, outdoors alley-fuck with her new acquaintance, Jess, leaves her craving more. Jess pushes her boundaries and awakens Rebecca’s need for dominance and submission. Now Rebecca has to choose whether to return to her nice girl ways with the sweetly vanilla Lucy, or to follow Jess to Berlin where a lesbian play party awaits.

Wake Up Your Dragon

This little picture book was written to offer some comfort, reassurance, and playfulness for folks experiencing the challenges of perimenopause. I wrote it one month before my 50th birthday – already several years into perimenopause and its host of accompanying symptoms. I knew it had to be an easy read, short and succinct, hope-giving and, most of all, it had to be fun. How you experience menopause will be unique to your body, your life stories and circumstances, and your resources. I hope that this little book can offer you some comfort, reassurance, and a bit of time to believe in your own magic.