I want to reach out and touch you and never stop reaching until my fingers have sunk as deep as they can go into your generous flesh; until my fists mould handfuls of you and you overflow my palms; until I have gathered up as much of you as I can into my arms and I surrender to the sensation of your body embracing my embrace.

I want to lose parts of me in the ripples and valleys of you; to feel the weight of your thigh – immovable – on top of mine; to encircle your hips and know the circle cannot be completed.

I want to dip into your softest, warmest places where I am sucked into the mysterious cavern of you; to cup your magnificent breasts and know that I hold the whole world in my hands.

I want all of these things from you – and more – but, when you say ‘yes’ and you undress for me, I am momentarily paralysed with awe and forget all my rehearsed requests, wanting now only to feel your flesh on my flesh, your heat on my heat; your landscape a paradise that I am finally allowed to explore.