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I’m Anna, I write fiction and non-fiction about women exploring and expressing their fullest and truest sexual selves.

I’ve used writing and storytelling to talk candidly about women’s sexuality for over two decades. At first, I wrote just for me, then as a way of sharing my needs and fantasies with my lovers. Later, I wrote erotic stories that were published, and I also wrote the Sex/Life column for DIVA Magazine for two years. I trained and worked in the field of conscious sexuality as well. Most recently, my book, Desire Lines, (part memoir, part erotica, and part guide for other women who want to explore their sexual selves) was published by The Unbound Press.

If you are someone who writes a journal, a blog, poems or stories, either now or at any time in your past, we probably have a lot in common.

Writing has always been my go-to place to explore and express what matters to me. Is that how you feel too?

How I became a writer of erotica

I have always written stories but, when I was in my early 20s, I became aware that I was having all sorts of sexual feelings and desires that were new to me, and I didn’t know what they meant or what to do with them. I needed a safe way to explore some of my fantasies and feelings about sex but (ironically) I didn’t feel confident enough to do it with the people I was having sex with. So I began to explore my sexuality through my writing.

At first, the stories were just for me but, as I became more confident and curious about who I was as a sexual being, I began to share my stories with my lovers.

Why I am still doing it…

Over two decades later, I’m still writing. Some of my stories I write for publication. Others I write to tease and seduce my lover. Some of what I write is still just for me. I’ve also explored writing a combination of erotica, memoir, and non-fiction in my book, Desire Lines; seeking new and expansive ways to share my thoughts and experiences as a queer woman, and also as a person who has trained and worked in the field of conscious sexuality.

What I’ve realised is this:

My desires have evolved and changed as I’ve got older, and writing about them gives me a safe (and sexy) space to explore who I am as a sexual being.

My invitation to you… Would you like to explore and express who *you* are as a sexual being?

If you answered yes, I’m so glad you are here!

Please have a browse around my site to find:

  • Erotic stories and poetry on the blog (assume they are all NSFW – unless you work somewhere very liberal!)
  • Resources to write your own stories and my free Erotic Writing Guidebook.
  • A guided meditation to meet your sexual self.
  • Free chapters from my magnum opus, Desire Lines
  • Other insights into being a writer, publishing a book, and baring one’s soul (and other parts) on the page.

Have you met my muse, Lilith? (let me introduce you here)

Still curious? Here’s a bit more about me…


  • My pronouns are she/her.
  • I am a published erotic author. You can find my books on Amazon. Plus exclusive stories on Sugarbutch and Autostraddle.
  • I am trained in a variety of conscious sexuality modalities including Urban Tantra Professional training and sexual surrogate partner therapy.
  • I wrote the Sex/Life pages for DIVA Magazine (Europe’s leading magazine for lesbian and bisexual women) for two years.
  • I have a PhD in occupational therapy, a post-graduate diploma in health and wellbeing, and spent two decades working for universities and charities as a health researcher.

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