I’m Anna, hi 

I write about women exploring and expressing their unique sexual selves.


Sometimes I write erotica (like my novel, Coming Close), and other times I write creative non-fiction (like my more-than-a-memoir, Desire Lines).

I also wrote over 50 articles for the Sex/Life pages of DIVA Magazine.

Writing has always been my go-to place to explore ideas, figure things out, and better understand myself and the world.


How about you?

I’m eternally curious about how we explore and express our unique sexual selves.


This led me to train and work as a sexual surrogate partner in a sex therapy clinic.

I also completed Urban Tantra Professional Training, and I’ve attended a host of other trainings and workshops to learn about things like sacred kink and conscious sexuality.

I now run my own workshops and courses – combining all my knowledge and skills, along wth creativity and playfulness, to help women and non-binary folk find out more about their fantasies and desires.

How I became a writer of erotica…

I have always written stories but, when I was in my early 20s, I became aware that I was having all sorts of sexual feelings and desires that were new to me, and I didn’t know what they meant or what to do with them. I needed a safe way to explore some of my fantasies and feelings about sex but (ironically) I didn’t feel confident enough to do it with the people I was having sex with. So, I began to explore my sexuality through my writing.

At first, the stories were just for me but, as I became more confident – and more curious about who I was as a sexual being in relationship with other people – I began to share my stories with my lovers.

I’m now in my early 50s, and I’m still writing.


Some of my stories I write for publication.

I was runner up in the Good Sex (Writing) Awards 2021, Erotic Touch category, with my short story Down by the River.


Other stories I write to share with a lover.


And some I write just for me.

My desires have evolved and changed as I’ve got older, and writing about them gives me a safe (and sexy) space to explore who I am as a sexual being.

My qualifications…


PhD in Occupational Therapy

1st Class Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy

Postgraduate diploma in Physical Activity and Wellbeing

IPSA (International Professional Surrogates Association) certified Surrogate Partner

Graduate of Urban Tantra Professional Training Program

I self-define as…


  • Queer
  • Kinky
  • Gender-responsive (my pronouns are she/her)
  • Limerent
  • Spiritual
  • Perimenopausal
  • Nature lover

I live with my wife and our two cats in South West England. 

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