About Anna

Things you need to know about me #1

I borrowed a friend’s room for this photo! My own writing space is way more cluttered and filled with trinkets and books that delight me. I have a gazillion notebooks filled with ideas, a comfy armchair scratched and shredded by my cats, and I constantly have a mug of tea on the go.

Things you need to know about me #2

I love the sea. I moved to Devon in 2011 and swim in the sea every summer (I’m building up to going in all year). I didn’t learn to swim until I was an adult so it feels extra magical to me that I’ve become someone who can enjoy being in the water.

Things you need to know about me #3

As well as writing about desire, love, and lust, I’ve also worked as a sexual surrogate partner in a sex therapy clinic, and completed Urban Tantra Professional Training.

I’m endlessly curious about how we experience and express our unique sexual selves.

Things you need to know about me #4

When I’m not writing, you’ll often find me indulging my other love – being in the natural world. I have a health condition called ‘lipoedema’ which sometimes challenges my mobility and balance. So, I’m not the most outdoorsy or robust person. However, I get unbridled joy from connecting with the natural world, be that out on a walk on a country lane or watching the birds and squirrels on my lawn.

Things you need to know about me #5

I self-define as:

  • queer
  • kinky
  • gender-responsive (my pronouns are she/her)
  • limerent
  • spiritual
  • perimenopausal

A few more bits and bobs:

  • I have a PhD in occupational therapy (yes, you can call me “Doctor”), a post-graduate diploma in health and wellbeing, and spent two decades working for universities and charities as a health researcher.

  • I am a published erotic author. You can find my books on Amazon and my stories scattered across the internet.

  • I wrote the Sex/Life pages for DIVA Magazine (the leading magazine for LGBTQIA+ women and non-binary people) for two years.

  • I grew up in Scotland but have also lived in New Zealand and England. I now have a soft Scottish lilt that others seem to enjoy (especially when listening to my guided meditations).

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