I was recently asked what advice I’d give to someone who wanted to start writing erotica. There’s lots to say about this (and you can read more in my free PDF), but here are my 4 top tips…

1) Reading other people’s writing helps you to learn what makes a good story, what language works for you, how to create responses in your readers, and more.

You can find good erotic writing in books and online. I recommend: Readaurore.com , Thegoodbits.com , and publications from CleisPress.com such as Best Women’s Erotica and Best Lesbian Erotica.

You can also find some of my erotic writing here.

2) Sex is an intimate act. You can help your readers get intimate with your characters by helping us to understand their motivations, their desires, and what meaning this encounter has for them.

As a reader, I want to see into your character’s thoughts, feel their inner conflicts and transformations, and get a sense of who they are and what matters to them as a fully-rounded person. I’m less concerned with how they look and more concerned with who they are.

3) Sex is not just a physical act.

Yes, I want to know how it feels from a sensory and bodily perspective, but as a reader, I also care about how it feels from an emotional perspective, how your character experiences lust and desire and wanting, as well as any embarrassment or nervousness or trepidation.

4) Care about your characters.

Make sure there is consent, lubricant, aftercare… Whatever is needed to leave them (and your reader) feeling good.

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