Well, hello…

I’m Anna

I write about desire, love, and lust.

I’m a multi-published erotic author.

I wrote the Sex/Life pages for DIVA Magazine for two years.

And I’m trained in a variety of conscious sexuality approaches (including Urban Tantra® Professional Training, and Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy).

I also write and record guided meditations.

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And find out about my books below…

My books…

Desire Lines

In my more-than-a-memoir, Desire Lines, I share stories of my own sexual journey, along with evocative erotica, and reflective questions, to help you explore and create a map of your own desires.

“Desire Lines is a book like no other I’ve ever read. Illuminating, erotic and heart-wrenching. But, above all, it gives the reader full permission to be themselves, to let go of all that baggage, and explore their sexuality with a sense of joy and wonder.” DIVA Magazine

Read more and buy Desire Lines here

Coming Close

An erotic lesbian novel with mixed themes including BDSM and female submission.

Rebecca has always been a ‘nice girl’ and played by the rules. But being dumped by her girlfriend throws her into a phase of seeking one-night stands and she doesn’t care that she’s earning herself a reputation. A rough, outdoors alley-fuck with her new acquaintance, Jess, leaves her craving more. Jess pushes her boundaries and awakens Rebecca’s need for dominance and submission. Now Rebecca has to choose whether to return to her nice girl ways with the sweetly vanilla Lucy, or to follow Jess to Berlin where a lesbian play party awaits…

Read more and buy Coming Close here

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