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I’m Anna, 

I’m here to talk about desire, love, and lust.


I want you to know that you get to choose who and how you show up as a sexual being.


I offer books, courses, meditations and more to help you explore, express, and enjoy your unique sexual self – without having to conform to, or be limited by, anyone else’s expectations.


Your sexual self

Did you know…


Your sexual energy is an expression of your innate creative energy. It is way more than who you are attracted to or what you like to do during sex. It is an expression of who you are at a soul level.

Sometimes that energy might be playful and frivolous, and other times it can be intense and profound.

I offer a space where all of this is welcome – regardless of your sexual orientation, gender, the type of relationship you choose, and whether you prefer to be vanilla or another (kinky) flavour.

“Anna is willing to go to her edges when writing and courageously brings through themes and ideas that perhaps other writers would shy away from. She gives voice to those who may have been reluctant to share their own stories, and challenges the reader of Desire Lines to explore their own desires and get to know their sexual self.”

Nicola Humber - The Unbound Press

“Anna offers a great balance of teaching, sharing, and writing, and a beautifully open and unapologetic energy (given the subject matter we were discussing), infused with humour which I found really helped defuse any embarrassment.”

Jennifer - Writing Desire Participant

“Anna’s beautiful writing, sensitivity and honesty shine in this unique book. I love how the questions are there to help guide you through exploring your own desires, whilst Anna’s own stories – fact and fiction – give a genuine and thought provoking account of the pains and pleasures of doing just that. It’s a book that gives you a very grown up sort of hug!”

Bethan - Reviewer of Desire Lines

My writing can be found in print and online and includes erotic fiction, and creative non-fiction (such as my more-than-a-memoir, Desire Lines).

I also wrote the Sex/Life pages for DIVA Magazine (the leading magazine for LGBTQIA+ women and non-binary people) for two years.

And you can find more of my writing on my Blog.

I offer workshops and courses to help you explore your desires and your erotic voice – on the page and in the bedroom…

And I have a host of free stuff for you to enjoy, including some guided meditations to help you connect with your sexual self…

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